With the exception of the print "Into Iraq, the Intruder" I produce my own prints due to the high cost of a small run on a commercial offset press.

Original paintings are scanned by a commercial graphics company on a high resolution, flat bed scanner.  The image is then downloaded to my souped up 09 Macbook Pro.

Paintings are reproduced on a 13 by 19 inch, acid free sheet, the image is 11 1/2 by 18 inches.  This medium size format allows 18 by 24 inch frames to be used with readily available matts.  

Prints are shipped round in a heavy fibre tube, they should not be stored in this tube.  

I do sign each print but these these are not “Limited Edition” prints. I am not trying to sell an investment, although it would be nice if my work appreciated in value. I am offering a reproduction of a painting I created.  If you like my work, buy a print, (or talk to me about a commission), matt it, frame it, hang it on your wall and enjoy…


Because every computer monitor varies in its color reproduction the image seen on this site may not accurately depict the print's image.  If because of this or any other reason you are not satisfied with your purchase I will refund the cost of the print.  I will also refund shipping costs within the United States.  Regrettably, I cannot refund shipping costs outside of the US.